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Asphalt Paving

This is a picture of an asphalt paving.

If you’re in the Cedar Park area and looking for any kind of asphalt installation, take a look at what Cedar Park Paving Pros has to offer. 

We’re asphalt and concrete installation specialists. We can deliver an asphalt finish which is smooth, low-cost and easy to maintain. 

Here’s the asphalt paving services we offer our residential and commercial customers. 



Asphalt is an ideal material for driveways. It’s resistant to vehicle wear-and-tear, permits good runoff and offers a clean finish with curb appeal. 

We’ll perform an installation which blends in with your home and offers years of hassle-free maintenance. Just a hose down or sweep every few weeks and you’re good to go! 

It’s one of the most cost efficient home upgrades you can make. 


Sidewalks and Walkways

Whether you’re looking to pave your residential or commercial property, a high traction and smoothly graded sidewalk or walkway is a must. Setting aside the obvious issue of safety, protecting yourself against liability for pedestrian mishap is also an important consideration.

Cedar Park Paving Pros has the right asphalt and sealing materials along with a ton of experience in getting the surface grading just right. We’ll also walk you through a range of design options to get the best visual amenity possible. 


Parking Lot Paving

Paving or repaving a parking lot is one of those jobs you don’t want to do too often. Beyond the obvious consideration of cost, having your parking area out of action isn’t great for business continuity!

We’ll get your parking lot in good shape in the shortest possible time and at an extremely reasonable price. 


Why Hire Us?

Because we’re concrete and asphalt paving specialists. 

Cedar Park Paving Pros is dedicating to giving our customers the best possible product, and we have the expertise and equipment to make that happen.

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